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Welcome to the Manary/Menary United website! If you are looking at this website for the first time, the chances are you are a Manary/Menary or have ancestors of that surname. Even if you have done a certain amount of genealogical research, you may not know the origin of your family or how they fit into the picture worldwide. Perhaps you’ve looked on Ancestry at the many trees for the family and wondered about their accuracy and connections. Maybe you’ve come across people or records with a name that sounds like Manary, but is spelled differently, and you wonder if you’re related to them.

Wonder no more! Beginning in the 1970s, and no doubt long before that, the Manary/Menary family (of all spellings) has been studied, discussed, and recorded by many researchers in many parts of the world. Our website has gathered together this remarkable storehouse of information. As well, we are constantly recording new research and findings. Over the months and years, we will be adding new and exciting information.

Our Public Section is composed of the sections Home, About Us, and History and Family Branches, containing a wealth of information that can be easily accessed through the various subheadings, such as Family Origins, Emigration, Ulster History, and so on. Our most important database is the section Introduction to Worldwide Branches. Currently (2022), we have identified nearly 40 different branches of the Manary/Menary family worldwide, from Ireland, Scotland, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, with many variations in surname spellings. Each branch has a short biography with the story of the originators of the branch and their family group.

Our Private Section is composed of Worldwide Branches (detailed information on the branches not found in the Public Section); the Manary/Menary DNA Study; and lastly, an amazing compilation of Manary/Menary family trees worldwide, checked for accuracy and sources. We encourage you to become a member and take advantage of this amazing resource. If you are interested, please see our section Becoming a Member under Home.



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