MANARY/MENARY FAMIly genealogy group

The Manary/Menary Family Genealogy Group was formed in 2021 to enable researchers worldwide to find one central place where comprehensive, accurate information can be found. We are also involved in a growing DNA project, comparing results from branches in many different locations, using Ancestry DNA tests as our tool. Our family is relatively unique, as DNA points to the fact that most, if not all, branches of the family worldwide are genetically connected to each other, whatever the spelling of the surname. This provides a unique opportunity to pinpoint origins and pool resources.

The Manary/Menary Family Genealogy Group is responsible for the creation and continuation of the Manary/Menary United Website, and also has a mandate to add new and updated information as it becomes available. We hope that this organization and this website will live on, taking on new faces and new researchers who will continue to contribute research, add to the DNA project, and help other researchers worldwide.

We are based in Ontario, Canada, but our group includes members of the family from all parts of the world.

Directors: Todd Manary, Barbara MacPherson

Team Members: Louise Cameron, Julie Jones, Wayne Manary, Bern McNicholl, Roger Peterson

Irish Genealogy: Linda Leonard

Scottish Genealogy: Teri Hedley

Australia/New Zealand Genealogy: 



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