Our Goals & Objectives

To create and collect an online repository of genealogical information on the Manary/Menary family worldwide, bringing together all the known research, including the family’s origin, life in Ireland, and dispersal around the world.

To be inclusive of all branches of the family around the world, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

To make every effort to incorporate only accurate and up-to-date research.

To use DNA research as a tool to solve the connections between various branches; to help solve our origins before emigration; and to determine the original Irish ancestors of the worldwide branches. If connections are made, there will be accurate information or DNA evidence to back that link up.

To make provisions for the preservation of this website and the information that has been gathered in the last forty years or so. We want to ensure that future generations will be able to access the work that we’ve done, and that they will contribute as well, thus continuing our organization’s work for generations to come.

Organization Projects

As an organization, we are striving to do the best we can with the resources we have available. Research and history is only one aspect of the work we are doing to preserve our family’s history. Other aspects are projects that we have decided are worthwhile causes to pursue.

Quarterly Newsletter: We plan in the near future to publish a quarterly Newsletter. This Newsletter will include family stories that will have a specific topic in each quarter. 

Cemetery Grave Markers: This project is near and dear to many of us who have ancestors with unmarked graves. This will involve identifying which of our Manary/Menary ancestors are buried without a grave marker; finding which cemetery they are buried in; and pursuing the goal of erecting a plaque or a stone in that cemetery to commemorate our ancestor.

Special Events: One of our objectives is to plan reunions or smaller gatherings around North America and even the world. All events that are planned will be published in the Newsletter. Some may involve a commemorative ceremony at the time of a grave plaque or stone being placed.



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